Internet Mass from FSSP

Important announcement. There will be no public Latin Mass in Waterford this Sunday – Laetare Sunday.  

Mass can be found on the Internet at
If you wish to participate at the time of saying then, at the time of Mass e.g. Sunday 11am, click on Warrington then the Live in the centre to access Mass at the time of its offering. A copy will be uploaded to the Mass of Sunday later that day.
The Masses are sung very beautifully and spiritually very edifying.
Holy Mass
Sunday 11am & 6pm
Monday to Saturday 12:10pm
Daily for 30 minutes before every Mass, plus 10am–11:50am each Saturday
Adoration & Benediction
Saturday 10am-12noon
Holy Rosary
Sunday 5:30pm
Monday to Friday 11:30am
Saturday 11am
As events unfold  clarification of  arrangements for provision into the future will be communicated.

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